About The Perfect Plan™

The Perfect Plan™ co-founders and sisters, Charlene Arnold and Lynn Donnelly, recognized that moving required more logistics and assistance than only hiring a moving company.  Their expertise in customer service, professional organizing and evening planning led to the birth of The Perfect Plan™ in 2001 – a company formed to provide guidance and assistance with compassion and empathy throughout the entire move process.

Our staff of over 20 event planners and professional organizers work together to ensure that all your moving needs are met flawlessly.  Serving the region from New York to Florida, our team of relocation specialists are here to serve seniors, out-of-state residents and anyone wanting help with all the details of moving.



Our Promise to You and Your Family:

To guide and assist you throughout the stressful relocation process.

To offer professional advice on any phase of your relocation.

To maintain complete confidentiality, dependability and honesty.

To deliver an unparalleled level of service.


Let our family move your family!